10 solid reasons to choose Graphic designing as a career

10 solid reasons to choose Graphic designing as a career

In my recent blog post, I have already mentioned that demand for graphic designers is increasing in India. In this post, I will give you 10 solid reasons to choose Graphic designing as a career.

As you know graphic designing is all about designing creative content for social media, designing logo, brochures, banners and other stuff for mainly branding and marketing purpose.

Here are main reasons to consider Graphics designing as a career

Reason #1 – Impressive Salary Package – Money is the motivation

Typically people choose their career based on their skills, interest and passion. But what if you also get paid well along with your passion and interests?

Yes, when it comes to salary or earning in graphic designing job, sky is the limit.

As a fresher graphic designer you may start between Rs.15,000.00 to Rs.25,000.00 but as you grow and gain experience, your salary will grow from Rs.6,00,000.00 to Rs. 12,00,000.00 PA depending on your role, company you are working for.

Reason #2 – Multiple Opportunities

Graphic designing career is like a digital marketing career, you have multiple opportunities in this field. You can decide what role you want to play based on your interests and skills.

For example, you are passionate about social media design and creative design then you can work for digital marketing agency as part of social media creative team.

If you like making creatives for advertisement then you can work with an advertising agency and if you like editing photos or making logo, you can choose your specialization.

Also, you can switch from one role to another by improving your skills and learning new skills

Reason #3 – Graduation is not criteria

Many jobs require graduation to get hired even as a fresher or an intern. In this field, you don’t need graduation. But having graduation can help you get into managerial role or leadership role.


The Opportunities Are Many

With a formal degree in graphic design, you will get various opportunities in the corporate world. There are many sectors who will require the services of a graphic designer. Right from the advertising to marketing, you will get an ocean of opportunities in graphic designing. You will be involved with the role of creating corporate identities for businesses. If you are capable with the right set of skills, it will not take long to fit in the industry.

The Work is Challenging & Interesting

Though there are many reasons to like the job of graphic designer, one of the most important one is the versatility it provides. No two days seems even close enough in the work of a graphic designer. The work you are performing is challenging and excites you to the core. The assignments you will undertake will be highly engaging. There is no sign of boredom in this job as there is always something which lifts your mood and interest.

The Job Provides Self-fulfillment

The self-satisfaction you will get as a graphic designer is worth choosing it as a career. Besides monetary benefits, it also provides the mental peace at work. With the right graphic design, you can make a remarkable difference around you. From the smallest design to the biggest assignments carried by you, there can bring be a significant change both on the client and the audience. The work is rewarding both monetarily and mentally.