How goog is IIDE Digital Marketing course?

How goog is IIDE Digital Marketing course?

Many students and my subsribers have asked me to review IIDE digital marketing course. While writing review about IIDE digital marketing courses, I have researched their reviews, brochure, and student feedback. After in-depth analysis, I found IIDE digital marketing course is good to start career in digital marketing.

I have also collected details from Quora about IIDE courses and reviews.

IIDE offers various digital marketing courses including MBA-Level PG Programme.

IIDE PG Level Programme

IIDE’s PG in Digital Marketing is 11 months course with 2 unique specializations and 2 months mandatory internship. This course is developed for college students and professionals looking to start their career in digital marketing.

Key Highlights of PG in Digital Marketing

  • 600+ Learning Hours
  • 1 on 1 Student Mentorship (Online)
  • 13+ Live Projects
  • 2 months Internship
  • 100% Guaranteed Placements
  • 28+ Industry Relevant Skills
  • 2 Specializations Available
  • 0% EMI Option Available

Tools offered by IIDE

These were the features which I have analyzed through the brochure and their website. But when I came through reviews, I found mixed feedback. Some of their students have positive reviews while some consider it a fraud institute. While some I found very wise enough to determine both pros and cons. So here are research findings on basis of reviews and feedback:

  • Although the curriculum is well designed but they have missed many important topics, tools and many important concepts which you may find in many other courses.
  • Since IIDE provides hybrid model, in which your learning is divided among video lectures, online sessions, and 1:1 mentoring. But their course material is outdated.
  • They promise 100% placement, but as per many reviews and company feedback, it’s all myth. In the last 2 to 3 years, there were merely countable interviews conducted for their students.
  • There is not dedicated team which helps students with their problems or queries.
  • Some students feel the cost is very high in comparison to other training institutes.
  • Some of the candidates have recommended this institute, as it has become a stepping stone in their career journey.

About IIDE

IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education) is a Mumbai-based institute that offers online digital marketing courses with certifications. The course has a duration of 3 months, and it covers various aspects of digital marketing such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, web analytics, and more.

Here are some of the pros and cons of IIDE’s digital marketing courses:


  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: The curriculum is well-designed and covers a wide range of topics related to digital marketing. The course is divided into three terms, and each term focuses on important topics such as search engine marketing, campaign planning, social media marketing, online reputation management, content strategy, analytics, and more. Additionally, the course includes 70+ hours of live classes and 40+ hours of video classes.
  2. Practical Exposure: IIDE offers experience in esteemed brand projects such as Starbucks, OYO rooms, Dominos, L’Oréal Paris, etc. This provides students with an opportunity to work on real projects and gain practical exposure.
  3. Industry Tools: The course covers 20+ industry tools such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, WordPress, Shopify, MOZ, Google Maps, etc. This helps students to gain hands-on experience with various digital marketing tools.
  4. 1:1 Mentor Sessions: The course also includes 1:1 mentor sessions where students can interact with experienced professionals and get personalized guidance.
  5. Placement Assistance: IIDE promises 100% placement assistance, including resume and interview training. This can be helpful for students who are looking for job opportunities in the digital marketing field.


  1. Outdated Course Material: Although the curriculum is well-designed, the course material can be outdated. Some students have reported that the course material does not reflect the latest trends and updates in the digital marketing industry.
  2. Hybrid Learning Model: IIDE supports a hybrid learning model, which includes video lectures, online sessions, and 1:1 mentoring. However, some students may find it difficult to keep up with the pace of the course and may require more hands-on training.
  3. Job Assistance: IIDE promises 100% placement assistance, but some students have reported that they did not receive job offers or interviews through the institute. This can be a concern for students who are looking for job opportunities after completing the course.
  4. No Dedicated Support Team: IIDE does not have a dedicated support team that can help students with their queries or problems. This can be a challenge for students who require additional support during the course.
  5. High Course Fees: The course fees for IIDE’s digital marketing course is INR 88,983 + taxes, which may be expensive for some students in comparison to other institutes offering digital marketing courses.


Overall, IIDE’s digital marketing course is a decent platform to study digital marketing, and it covers a comprehensive curriculum with practical exposure to various industry tools. However, the course material is outdated, and the job assistance may not be as effective as promised. Additionally, the course fees are relatively high in comparison to other institutes offering digital marketing courses. Therefore, students should carefully evaluate their needs and preferences before enrolling in IIDE’s digital marketing course.

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